Annual Report

What is Annual Report.?

An annual report is a publication that is issued every year – one that public corporations are legally obliged to provide to shareholders for describing their financial conditions as well as key operational aspects.

The front page of the annual report of a company usually contains an impressive blend of photos, graphics, alongside an accompanying narrative. All of these elements in the front cover are meant to chronicle the company’s various important activities throughout the past one year. Meanwhile, the rear part of the report contains key operational and financial information.

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In case of mutual funds, the annual report is a mandatory piece of document that must be provided to all fund shareholders on a financial year basis. It reveals many important aspects of the fun’s financial as well as operational affairs. Mutual fund annual reports tend to be somewhat different from corporate annual reports, and are often termed as “plain vanilla” because of the way they are presented.

The content of an annual report usually includes the following:

  1. Financial Highlights
  2. Letter to the Shareholders
  3. Narrative Text, Graphics and Photos
  4. Management’s Discussion and Analysis
  5. Financial Statements
  6. Notes to Financial Statements
  7. Auditor’s Report
  8. Summary Financial Data
  9. Corporate Information

Edited and Updated 4th January 2014

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