Online Trading – a few questions answered

Many Investors in India  prefer dealing in shares through their brokers over the Telephone and not trade online because of the security Concerns.

While concerns about online security will always be there, rest assured that the brokerages themselves have a very, very high stake in making you feel comfortable about the level of security being used. All online brokerages have a portion of their website devoted to explaining the measures they employ to protect your transactions.

Here are a few questions that you may have regarding Online Trading in Stocks.

Is trading through the Internet safe?

The safety of transactions on the Internet depends on the encryption system used. The better this transaction system, the more difficult it is for any person to hack the site. Internationally, the best system available today is the 128-bit encryption.

Secondly, you too can ensure the safety of the transactions online. You normally get a secured user id and password, the secrecy of which is to be maintained entirely by you.

Thirdly, if the transaction system requires no manual intervention, you further improve the safety in the transactions. Among Indian sites, very few are fully integrated online trading sites. This enables the elimination of the possibility of any manual intervention, which means orders are directly sent to the exchange ensuring that you get the best and right price.

Is trading through Internet Difficult ?

The experience of trading through Internet depends a great deal on the type of product offered by the site. Say, for example, one of the issues bothering you may be getting tired of the paperwork involved after every trade, in writing cheques.

In online trading sites, the greater the back-end integration of the system, the greater the amount of work the sites do for you, therefore greater the convenience available to you.

In big financial institutions your broking account, bank account and Demat account are linked electronically. So when you punch in a buy or sell order, the system checks the funds/shares availability and automatically credits/debits the accounts once the order is executed by the exchange.

Is trading through Internet a costly affair?

The convenience provided by online trading is even then worth the costs involved.

And online trading sites are not that costly. For example, a trader can trade shares on margin at rates as low as 0.10% and if one wishes to trade in cash, then the rates applicable are as low as 0.4%.

However, it is important to compare various online trading sites on brokerage rates, inclusive of all sub-charges.

I am pretty satisfied with my present broker who serves me off-line. Why should I choose to go online to trade shares?

Many of those customers who have chosen to trade shares online today, had at one point of time been trading through offline brokers, just like you are today. They took a chance to go online and trade shares. After realizing the advantages of trading shares online, they have shifted to online trading now. Just try trading shares after opening an account with any online trading site. However, before choosing an online trading site, please compare all such websites and then make a decision.

How frequently are the prices updated at all these online trading sites?

The tickers available at online trading sites provide instantaneous updates. Also, some websites can offer to transact in those shares instantaneously and with convenience.

How can I be sure that I shall be trading at a price I want to or at a price appearing in the website?

The solution to your problem could be provided in different ways by different online share trading sites. For any trade order, the customer is asked to click ‘Proceed’ after he has the opportunity to completely check the order verification form.

Moreover, you have the option of modifying or canceling the order till the moment the order is executed at the exchange.

Finally, online trade confirmations reach our customers within 4 minutes, while contract notes are dispatched at the end of the day and reach within 24-36 hours.

What other services can I get by trading shares online?

Internet has brought to the retail investors what was till sometime ago the sole prerogative of large brokerage houses and high net worth individuals.

In the era of capitalism, with arguments of whether socialism would take over, emerged the concept of stocks and hence stock markets. We were always familiar with the bonds that the government issued against a certain security it provided us, which we often term as deficit financing. It is now applicable for the private industrialists as well, when they want to accrue capital and they are running short of funds. They fly shares, some of which are collectively called stocks and they collect money against the shares that you hold. This way you actually own up the company even though just by bits and pieces. Your money, of course is a risk of undergoing a loss if the company loses profit. However, the chances of gaining profits are not very less either. Often shares are termed as risky assets, which can yield very high returns. You could say it acts almost like an insurance market when it comes to risk spreading.

As many seem obvious to you, unless you know your way through the stock market, you might end up losing money. Stock market, as the common notion goes, is not gambling for money. It is rather pure mathematics and what we call in statistical terms, econometrics. So, when you are new to stock market investing, trying to find your way out, you indeed could do with the help of a stockbroker, who know the principles of how the market will work for a set of political and financial developments. And once you know your way about the market, you could do with discount brokerages, which charge you a lot lesser than the traditional stockbrokers in lieu of providing you with lesser advices. Discount brokerage allows you to take your own decision with little or no help from the stockbrokers as per your preferences.

If you want to trade stocks or buy and sell financial assets within the same day, what you do is day trading. With Internet making the world a smaller place, the concept of online stock market trading has come up to be very popular. You can undertake online stock trading when you want to trade stocks without being fooled into buying a certain stock or selling one, doing directly to the market. This is where discount stock trading could help you from losing money for nothing. It provides you with an opportunity for the cheapest stock trading. Many casual traders are now into the scenario of day trading due to improved Internet options, changes in legislation and advanced technology. Traditionally though, day trading was the nook for financial firms, investors and speculators.

Discount stockbrokers allow you the flexibility of creating your own portfolio, sharing your money between mutual funds, bonds, stocks, options and exchange traded funds. Most of the companies that are into discount brokering, allow the options of banking like checking and savings accounts, credit cards, certificate of deposits and mortgages and money market accounts. Such companies offer you options of the best online trading.

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  7. As far as security goes, I can personally testify to the security of online trading. My computer had a key logger and all my passwords were stolen for a variety of websites and their host gator login accounts. I kept changing my passwords and the hacker kept getting entry again. Finally, I figured out I had a spyware program placed on my computer. The only account that was not hacked was my online trading account. The 128 bit key encryption and maybe the protected browser technology prevented the spyware from getting that password.

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