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What does the term term “Margin Trading” mean ?

Many times you would have come across a term Margin trading. What is trading on margin and how is it different from normal trading is what is explicated here.

Margin” means borrowing money from your broker to buy a stock. Now the question is why would you borrow? Read more »

Battle between Bulls and Bears

One of the interesting phenomena of stock markets that tend to be catchy is the movement of stock prices at the blink of eyes. At one instant, you may find your portfolio in “green’ while in next couple of minutes it may turn “red”. This battle between bulls and bears Read more »

Earning million pennies from your penny stocks

Earning million pennies from your penny stocks

Penny stocks are designated as penny in terms of their market capitalization.

These might be low priced due to some reason such as these are of the companies looking for a way to raise capital. These might have good management, better future prospects Read more »

Follow these Basic Rules while Investing

Most of us are confused where to put in our money and where not to invest our hard earned money. I fount the rules mentioned below quite helpful. My suggestion is just follow the directions given below and I am sure, some of you may save lot of money going down the drain. Here it is: Read more »

Methods of buying and selling of shares.

Given below are the types of orders which are used for buying and selling of shares.

Market order: When you put buy or sell price at market rate then the price gets executed at the current rate in the market. The market order gets immediately executed at the current available price. Read more »

Online Trading – a few questions answered

Many Investors in India  prefer dealing in shares through their brokers over the Telephone and not trade online because of the security Concerns.

While concerns about online security will always be there, rest Read more »

Short Selling – The Basics What is short Selling ?

Short selling is selling the shares which you do not own. The term “short” here signifies that you do not hold the shares being sold. The first thought popping up in your mind would be – where do these shares come from which you are selling without possessing Read more »

Quarterly Results – Significance to the Share Holder

Quarterly Results – Significance to the Share Holder

Many a times we hear about companies coming up with quarterly results that tend to create either euphoria or a silent shock in the market. Quarterly results are the announcement by corporate, of the operational results at the end Read more »

Hidden treasure in Bear Markets – A Few Tips to find it

Understanding Bearish markets

Market is said to be bearish when it keeps falling for a prolonged period of time. The common thought that creeps into our mind is about triggering event causing such a prolonged downfall. There can be many reasons like economic recession, political events like war Read more »