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Alpha and Beta of Stocks

alpha beta of stock market

Alpha and Beta of Stocks

Every investment involves two important aspects – returns and risk. And every investor wants to get the maximum returns with minimum risk. In this post is described the significance of Alpha and beta parameters of the stock portfolio that are used to Read more »

Your Trading Cost – Break up of brokerage you pay to your broker

Broker costs

There is no denying the fact that earning from stock market is an art, not just speculation, forecasting and analysis. Whether you are a retail investor or a big fund, one question you should ask yourself is “what is your trading cost”?. How much part of your earning Read more »

Battle between Bulls and Bears

One of the interesting phenomena of stock markets that tend to be catchy is the movement of stock prices at the blink of eyes. At one instant, you may find your portfolio in “green’ while in next couple of minutes it may turn “red”. This battle between bulls and bears Read more »

What is Forex Trading ?

Forex Trading Basics

What is Forex Trading ?

Wikipedia defines Forex Trading as “The foreign exchange market (currency, forex, or FX) trades currencies. It lets banks and other institutions easily buy and sell currencies.Read more »

Trading Types – Day Trading, Swing Trading and Position Trading

Share Market Trading can be classified into either of these categories – Day Trading, Swing Trading and Position Trading. However, the common factor among all types of traders is that Stock market traders keep up with the news. The businesses and Read more »

Short Selling – The Basics What is short Selling ?

Short selling is selling the shares which you do not own. The term “short” here signifies that you do not hold the shares being sold. The first thought popping up in your mind would be – where do these shares come from which you are selling without possessing Read more »

Scan the newspapers to read daily market quotations

The prices at which shares are transacted on the stock markets get wide coverage in daily newspapers. Financial newspapers, like The Economic Times, Business Standard, The Financial Express, and The Hindu Business Line, of course, give a more Read more »

Happy and Joyous Life – Post Global Meltdown

The global financial meltdown of 2008 has been unprecedented and the ripple effect will be faced in times to come, though India is much better off.  How to Cope with it and What to do to lead a Happy and Joyous Life  ? Read more »

Stock Market Quotes I Like

Stock Market Quotes I Like

“ A stock broker is one who invests other people’s money until its all gone.” -Woody Allen, American Film Maker

“ Average investors who try to do a lot of trading will only make their brokers rich.” -Michael Jenson,
Finance Professor -Harvard. Read more »