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Planning your short term financial requirement

All of us tend to manage money as if it was very easy for us to keep the flow going without any problems. The truth is times are never the same, hence we need to plan and provide for a number of things. One of them is short term requirement or Read more »

Understanding Fixed Income Investments

Fixed Income Investments are defined as securities that have a regular fixed return associated with them as well as having a guaranteed principal – Fixed Deposits in Banks is one such example. You may have also heard or tried RBI bonds, Read more »

Middle Class Values

Indian Middle Class comprises of 140 million households, if we simplistically equate middle class with middle-income households. (Annual income between Rs 71,000 to Rs 3 lacs)

Households with an annual income below Rs 71,000 are categorized as lower income ones, numbering 40 million. Read more »

Feeling Relaxed, Peaceful and RICH

If the title appears somewhat full of contradictions to you, it is not unusual because you have always wanted to be Rich first so that you can then Relax with the comforts acquired (possessions, wealth and what they can buy), till Read more »