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What does the term term “Margin Trading” mean ?

Many times you would have come across a term Margin trading. What is trading on margin and how is it different from normal trading is what is explicated here.

Margin” means borrowing money from your broker to buy a stock. Now the question is why would you borrow? Read more »

Alpha and Beta of Stocks

alpha beta of stock market

Alpha and Beta of Stocks

Every investment involves two important aspects – returns and risk. And every investor wants to get the maximum returns with minimum risk. In this post is described the significance of Alpha and beta parameters of the stock portfolio that are used to Read more »

Your Trading Cost – Break up of brokerage you pay to your broker

Broker costs

There is no denying the fact that earning from stock market is an art, not just speculation, forecasting and analysis. Whether you are a retail investor or a big fund, one question you should ask yourself is “what is your trading cost”?. How much part of your earning Read more »

Battle between Bulls and Bears

One of the interesting phenomena of stock markets that tend to be catchy is the movement of stock prices at the blink of eyes. At one instant, you may find your portfolio in “green’ while in next couple of minutes it may turn “red”. This battle between bulls and bears Read more »

ONLINE TRADING Do’s and Don’ts

ONLINE TRADING – Do’s and Don’ts

Trading online has become very popular in today’s time when you just need a trading account and after that you can trade comfortably while sitting at your home. Apart from comfort of trade it provides various facilities like:

• Ease of buying and selling of shares. Read more »

What is Forex Trading ?

Forex Trading Basics

What is Forex Trading ?

Wikipedia defines Forex Trading as “The foreign exchange market (currency, forex, or FX) trades currencies. It lets banks and other institutions easily buy and sell currencies.Read more »

Facts about Initial Public Offering (IPO) you should know

Facts about  Initial Public Offering (IPO) you should know

An initial public offering (IPO) is the initial sale of shares by a company to the public.

Broadly speaking, companies are either private or public. Going public stands for a company is changing from private ownership to public ownership.

Read more »

Earning million pennies from your penny stocks

Earning million pennies from your penny stocks

Penny stocks are designated as penny in terms of their market capitalization.

These might be low priced due to some reason such as these are of the companies looking for a way to raise capital. These might have good management, better future prospects Read more »

Getting Started in Share Market Trading. Things you should know

Getting Started in Share Market Trading. Things you should know

It is very interesting to invest in shares, though most of the people would like to start with small money.

First of all, you need to know a little bit in detail about the stock market, then about the shares and the mode of their trading. What are the risks involved and how to be smart in dealing with shares? Read more »

Follow these Basic Rules while Investing

Most of us are confused where to put in our money and where not to invest our hard earned money. I fount the rules mentioned below quite helpful. My suggestion is just follow the directions given below and I am sure, some of you may save lot of money going down the drain. Here it is: Read more »