Trading Types – Day Trading, Swing Trading and Position Trading


Share Market Trading can be classified into either of these categories – Day Trading, Swing Trading and Position Trading. However, the common factor among all types of traders is that Stock market traders keep up with the news. The businesses and industries react to government actions, changes in oil prices, economic forecasts and world events. The successful stock market trader stays informed about the circumstances outside a company that could cause price fluctuations for the stock.

Day trading conditions the most intense approach to stock market trading. To be on top of the fluctuations in stock prices, day traders spend hours together in monitoring the market. Day traders could make dozens of trades any day, sometimes in a matter of minutes hoping to grab the wave of price change. They avoid the risks of long term buy and hold. Day trading could be exciting, the fast pace attracting risk takers. Yet this strategy for stock market trading is only effective for day traders, who apply analysis rather then emotion to trading decision. Savvy day traders could turn profits quick. Emotional traders usually lose fast and leave disenchanted.

Swing trading uses a slightly longer time horizon than day trading, watching a stock for weeks or months before trading. This type of stock market trading relies on careful monitoring of fundamental and technical analysis. Swing traders often specialize in a certain business or industry so that they become experts in the movement within those stocks. They also have more time to study the company financial reports and industry forecasts. Since swing trading does not require hours of daily monitoring, it is a good strategy for the trader who wants to make money from stock market trading without turning it into a full time job. Even the study of reports could be done during the daily commute or lunch hour so that the swing trader stays well informed.

Position trading works well for investors who want to be involved in the stock market trading, but run short of time. Stocks are being held for months awaiting any changes in the trend. Position traders keep up with the fundamental and technical analysis as well as news events but apply a long term strategy to their stock market trading.


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