What is Broker.?

Being the only authorized personnel to purchase and sell shares directly in stock market, a carefully chosen stockbroker is your best and only option to make the most out of your money.

A broker can be best described as a firm or individual that charges a commission or fee for executing sell or purchase order submitted by an investor. The role of a broker usually includes – determining best investment opportunities, showing clients the best choices his or her money can afford, and helping them sell their investments for lucrative price.

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A broker is a member of the stock exchange and thus owns the license to purchase or sell shares for himself, or on his clients’ behalf. Brokers usually charges a brokerage or commission on the gross value of the deals they help inked. Commission brokers, generally, execute only purchase or sell orders for a commission, whereas full service brokers offer a myriad of other services including, safekeeping shares and bonds belonging to the client, offering invaluable investment advice, planning,strategizing and managing clients’ investment portfolios, offering credit if and when the client is making a purchase on margin, etc.

Edited and Updated 18th January 2014

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