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These days, you can’t retire without using the returns from investments. You can’t count on your social security checks to cover your expenses when you retire. It’s barely enough for people who are receiving it now to have food, shelter and utilities. That doesn’t account for any care you may need or in the even that you need to take advantage of such funds much earlier in life. It is important to have your own financial plan. There are many kinds of investments you can make that will make your life much easier down the road. Read more »

Mutual Funds – Beginners Choice

Mutual Fund Basics

Mutual Fund Basics

Mutual Funds – The Beginners Choice

Most people are afraid to invest in the stock market. After all it is their hard earned money. They would rather do with lesser growth of Read more »

Where do the Mutual Funds Invest ? How To Check it

The mutual funds are required to disclose full portfolios of all of their schemes on half-yearly basis which are published in the newspapers. Some mutual funds send the portfolios to their unitholders. Read more »

Mutual Funds Performance

The performance of a Mutual Fund is reflected in its net asset value (NAV) which is disclosed on daily basis in case of open-ended schemes and on weekly basis in case of close-ended schemes. The NAVs of mutual funds are required to be published in newspapers. The NAVs are Read more »

Can Mutual Fund Change Schemes ?

Yes. They Can However, no change in the nature or terms of the scheme, known as fundamental attributes of theMutual Fund e.g.structure, investment pattern, etc. can be carried out unless a written communication is sent to each unitholder and an advertisement is given in one English Read more »

Mutual Fund Offer Document – What to Look For ?

An abridged offer document, which contains very useful information, is required to be given to the prospective investor by the mutual fund. The application form for subscription to a Mutual Fund is an integral part of the offer document. SEBI has prescribed minimum disclosures in the offer Read more »

How to fill Mutual Fund Application Form

An investor must mention clearly his name, address, number of units applied for and such other information as required in the application form. He must give his bank account number so as to avoid any fraudulent encashment of any cheque/draft issued by the mutual fund at a later date for the Read more »

How To Invest in Mutual Funds ?

Mutual funds normally come out with an advertisement in newspapers publishing the date of launch of the new schemes. Investors can also contact the agents and distributors of mutual funds who are spread all over the country for necessary information and application forms. Forms can be Read more »

What is Assured Return Scheme?

In Mutual Funds, Assured Return Schemes are those schemes that assure a specific return to the unitholders irrespective of performance of the scheme. Read more »

What are Load Funds / No Load Funds ?

A Load Fund is one that charges a percentage of NAV for entry or exit. That is, each time one buys or sells units in the fund, a charge will be payable. This charge is used by the mutual fund for marketing and distribution expenses. Suppose the NAV per unit is Rs.10. If the entry as well as exit load Read more »

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