The term collectible is used for an item that is perceived to be of very high quality because of its demand or rarity. A Babe Ruth baseball card can be called a collectible. Categories such as toys, coins, antiques, stamps, comic books are generally called collectibles. Sometimes, items that are produced in large quantities and thus are not rare are termed as collectibles for increasing demand of consumers. Investors hesitate to invest in collectibles because of their lack of liquidity. If you sell them in future, it may be tough for you to find the right buyer who will be willing to pay what you think will be worth your investment. On the other hand, you can also incur a sizeable amount for your collectible if you have the exact thing to sell at the exact time. Hence the collectible market can be very tricky for investors who do not have any prior experience.

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Edited and Updated 31st May 2014

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