Employee Participation

Employee Participation: Also called participatory management, a particular employee representative is appointed to the board of directors who is a part of policy making procedures and has a say in significant decision making. This practice has its origins in the 1920s human relations movement and has its basis on varied researches done on organization studies and management.Ads by Google

In this senior management retains their right to take the final call; however, employees are encouraged to be vocal about their suggestions and opinions as well regarding workspace, environment and even the mid level management. Although, there is some criticism regarding the feasibility of this method as it can be difficult to follow this methodology with a finance oriented company that may need to downsize; but nevertheless, it will surely lead to better interaction and transparency in official procedures leading to a healthy work environment.

This kind of a practice also aids in employee motivation and work commitment which ultimately reflects in individual productivity. Having a say in setting up objectives and action plans also leads to better understanding of work procedures and also aids in reduced attrition.

Edited and Updated 15th February 2014

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