What is Kicker.?

In its simplest form, a kicker can be defined as an incentive to the purchaser of a debt instrument in the form of a loyalty coupon, equity warrant offering a small amount of cash or something akin.
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Kicker is also a frequently used term in the real-estate sector. There, it refers to as an additional expense that must be paid on a mortgage so as to secure a loan approval. A perfect example of this definition would be an equity stake in the receipts of a rental or retails property.

Kickers are inherently the kind of feature that can be added to “get the job done” – this is so because they tend to be almost exclusively designed for being beneficial to the lender, Any company that adds a kicker (such as, a right offering) to a bond issue is only doing so in order to help throw the whole issue into the hands of their investors).

Edited and Updated 15th February 2014

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