Lady Macbeth Strategy

Lady Macbeth Strategy: This particular strategy derives its essence from deceit and treachery. It is best practiced in takeover battles under which a third party comes into the picture posing as a “good doer” but is actually on the other side.

He/she subsequently joins hands with the opponent side while appearing all friendly. This strategy is named after Shakespear’s Lady Macbeth; a character that is most malevolent and ambitious who conspires with her Scottish General husband to kill the king of Scotland, Duncan; while posing to be be extremely virtuous. Lady Macbeth uses her femininity, fragileness and delicate compassion to fulfill extreme desire of ruthless ambition and pursuit of power.

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In share market, Lady Macbeth Strategy is a merger strategy wherein a particular company gains trust of the target company and insidious information in order to join another unfriendly company who wishes to acquire the target company. This kind of strategy is usually deceitful and disloyal. The false loyalties and friendly conspiracy is the key to having this strategy become successful.

Edited and Updated 08th March 2014

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