Learning Lags

Learning Lags: This is a condition that must not exist in any market. Markets need to have an EMH (Efficient Market Hypothesis) to avoid any learning lags. The news gathered from the financial market must be equally and uniformly distributed and none of the market members should be deprived of same, so as no one can exploit the market condition in any manner.
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To put in another way, there should be no Rothschilds who can exploit the market for their own advantage just like the case of English victory that was in the battle of Waterloo. Any which ways, there is a low possibility of outperforming the market by following the method of EMH as there have been investors who have not depended on EPH and have consistently done well for themselves. Besides, the sole way to gain higher returns in a stock market is by the means of opting for riskier investments.

Edited and Updated 08th March 2014

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