Leasing – Leasing is basically hiring and not buying. Whether it is a building, industrial equipment, land or vehicle. The process of buying blocks your money whereas leasing makes it easier on the pocket and the money can be usefully deployed for some other purpose.

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Furthermore, the lease rental can be shown on the current income expenditure. Also, the item which has been leased becomes the asset of the leasing company instead of the user. There are also certain types of equipments or even vehicles that have depreciating value which means with changing times and changing technologies, some of the types become obsolete like computers and certain type of machines; hence, it only makes sense for the user to lease them instead of purchasing to extract full use and at the same time keep enough finances ready for investing on something new and more useful.

This methodology has gained quite some amount of popularity all over the world and most of us are enjoying its full benefits.

Edited and Updated 08th March 2014

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