Managed Fund

Managed Funds – A managed fund is an investment fund managed by an insurance company or even any other source and this fund is designed to provide low risk investment opportunities that is beneficial to the user.

This fund is usually a professionally managed portfolio that is perfect because it offers purchasing of units instead of shares and this fund has a particular objective. The amount of money invested in this fund is used to buy assets that can be bonds, property or even shares. When a person invests in a managed fund, he/she allocates a particular number of “units” and the value of these “ units” is calculated on a daily basis and depends on changes happening in the market on daily basis, as the particular market value of those assets enhances or falls.

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This method makes it easier to diversify investments as one gets access to different classes of assets, firms, sectors and industries. Further, since it is a professionally managed investment, it is assured that your investment is in qualified hands and decisions made are based on facts and information which is not easily accessible to any other individual.

Edited and Updated 08th March 2014

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