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A Guide to High-Yield, High-Risk Stocks

The classic image of the stock market is that of a place where fortunes are made and lost throughout the course of the day, and where those who take the biggest risks are rewarded by a hefty payout when all is said and done. Of course, this is the movie Read more »


any people confuse trading with investing. They are not the same.

The biggest difference between them is the length of time you hold onto the assets. An investor is more interested in the long-term appreciation Read more »

Share Market Terms

A – Active Share, Advance Decline, After Tax, Aging Schedule, Amortization……
B – Bad Delivery, Balance of Trade, Balance Sheet, Bear, Bear Cycle……
C – Call, Call Money, Call of More Option, Call Option, Call Premium…..
D – Daily Margin, Dartboard Investing, Dawn Raid, Debentures, Debt…..
E – Earnings Yield, Economic Growth Rate, Economic Indicators, Efficient…
F – Factoring, FERA, FERA Companies, FII, Financial Future…….
G – Geared Investment Trust, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade….
H – Havala or Hawala, Hedging Against Inflation, Hemline Theory…….
I – IBRD, Imbalance of Orders, Income Shares, Income Tax Rebate….
J – Jobber or Taravaniwallah, Joint Holders, Joint Venture, Junk Bond…
K – Key Indicators, Khoka, Kicher, Know Your Customer ….
L – Lady Macbeth, Laundering Money, Layered Premia, Leading Lags….
M – Macroeconomic Forecasts, Majority Shareholder, Make a Market …
N – Naive Buy and Hold Strategy, Naked Option, Naked Position….
O – Odd Lot, Odd-Lot Theory, Off-Floor Order, Offer by Prospectus…
P – P/D Ratio, P/E Ratio of Price-Earnings Ratio, Paid-up Capital….
Q – Qualified Accounts or Report, Qualifying Shares, Quantitative Analysis…
R – Rader Alert, Raider, Ramping, Random Walk, Rate of Return….
S – Safe Harbour, Safety Net, Sandbag, Saturday Night Special…..

Safe Harbour

Safety net


Saturday Night Special


Sauda Book

Scale Order



Scorched Earth Policy

Screen Trading

Screening Stocks

Script Issue

Second Round

Second Round Financing

Secondary Distribution

Secured Debt

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)


Security Analyst

Seed Money

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Seller’s Market

Selling Climax

Selling on the Good News

Selling Out

Selling Short

Sentiment Indicators

Settlement Date



Share Capital

Share Certificate

Share Premium

Share Repurchase Plan

Share Transfer

Share Transfer Stamps


Shareholders’ Equity

Shareholders’ Rights

Shark Repellent

Shark Watcher

Shell Company

Short Hedge

Short Interest

Short Interest Theory

Short Position

Short Squeeze

Short – Term

Shree Profit



Sleeping Beauty

Slush Fund

Small Investor

Smart Money


Soft Loan

Special Delivery


Specified Shares



Spin – off



Spot Delivery

Spot Market



Standard & Poor’s Composite Index

Standard & Poor’s Corporation

Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Staying Power

Step Discount Bond

Stock Dividend

Stock Exchange

Stock Holding Corporation of India

Stock Indices

Stock Option

Stock Options – What are they ?

Stock Splits

Stock Watering




Stop Limit

Stop Loss

Stop Order

Stop Price


Strongly Efficient Market

Subject Quote




Subscription Price

Sum – of – the – Digits Depreciation

Sunk Capital

Supermajority Amendment

Switch Order


Swot Analysis


Systematic Risk

T – Tailgating, Take Delivery, Takeover, Target Price, Tax-Exempt Bonds…..
U – Unappropriated, Unbundling, Undermargined, Account…..
V – Formation, Valuation Reserve, Value Added, Value Investment…..
W – Formation, Waiting Period, Wall Street Journal, Wallflower….
Y – Yield Advantage, Yield Curve, Yield Gap, Yield Spread, Yield to Maturity….
Z – Zero-Coupon Bond, Zero-Rated Debentures, Zurich Axioms ……

Mutual Funds Performance

The performance of a Mutual Fund is reflected in its net asset value (NAV) which is disclosed on daily basis in case of open-ended schemes and on weekly basis in case of close-ended schemes. The NAVs of mutual funds are required to be published in newspapers. The NAVs are Read more »

Types of Mutual Funds

Schemes according to Maturity Period:

A mutual fund scheme can be classified into open-ended scheme or close-ended scheme depending on its maturity period. Read more »

Invest Safely through Systematic Investment Plans

Systematic Investment Plan is a feature specifically designed for those who are interested in investing periodically rather than making a lump sump investment. It is just like a recurring deposit with the post office or bank where you put in a small amount every month. The Read more »


Trough A low point in the stock market index form which the averages rise fairly consistently over a period. The BULL rescues the index from the trough, just as the BEAR pushes it down into it. Read more »

Stock Indices

Stock Indices These measure the value of a selected group of shares which indicate the way a stock market is moving. Indices may comprise a small number of important shares, or they may be broadbased. See INDEX. Read more »

Standard & Poor’s Corporation

Standard & Poor’s Corporation It is a subsidiary of McGraw – Hill Inc. and provides a wide range of services such as rating bonds, equity shares, preference shares, and short – term loan instruments. It also compiles Standard & Poor’s Composite Index of 500 Stocks, Standard & Read more »

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy or how fools are sucked in the stock market. Propounded by the American Sociologist, Robert K Merton, the concept holds: a supposed premise induces a certain behaviour in people, which seemingly validates the premise without asking how valid Read more »

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