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Point A change of Re.1 in the price of a share when one speaks of a share rising or falling by so many points. In stock market indices, however, a point is one unit of the average, which is a composite of weighted (on market capitalization) rupee values. When the BSE index Read more »


Nifty A select group of fifty shares of the National Stock Exchange or NSE of India. These constitute the NSE – FIFTY index.

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Market Risk

Market Risk This is inherent in the market, depending on how the economy and a particular segment of industry is behaving. If there is a business recession all companies will fare badly, and their profits will fall. Special circumstances Read more »

Market Indices

Market Indices See INDEX first. There are five stock market indices widely watched by investors in India : the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensitive Index (SENSEX), BSE Read more »

Leading Economic Indicators

Leading Economic Indicators: Essentially economic indicators are important statistic that help experts in analysing economic performance of a country and also provide valuable insight in predicting future performances. Read more »

Great Crash

Great Crash On 2 October 1929 the New York Stock Exchange price index fell by 49 points, followed b a drop of 43 points the next day. Stock prices continued to drop, until on 8 July 1932 the index stood at 41, 10.76% of its peak level at 381 in Read more »


Footsie Financial Times – Stock Exchange 100 Share index, a weighted index of the price of 100 shares of major companies traded on the London Stock Exchange, the base being 1000 on 3 January 1984 . Read more »

Dow Jones & Company

Dow Jones & Company Publisher of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and compiler of Dow Jones Composite Average (also called 65 Stock Average), Dow Jones industrial Average, Dow Jones Transportation Average, and Dow Jones Utility Average, all of the New York Read more »


Crash A sharp fall in share prices within a short period. For example, the BSE Sensitive Index stood at 4546 points on 2 April 1992 . By the end of the trading day on 12 May it had slumped to 3086 points – a fall of 1460 points. On three successive trading days, 6, 11 and Read more »


Commodity is a term for a basic good in commerce that can be exchanged with commodities of similar type. The most common form of commodities that are traded Read more »

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