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Commodities Market

A commodities market is a physical or virtual market that is mainly used for trading, selling and buying of goods. Worldwide, there are about fifty commodity markets Read more »

Circuit Breaker

Market sentiments are very difficult to predict and stock prices can move in any direction, defeating all logics. The term circuit breaker refers strong defensive measures Read more »

Bear Market

What is Bear market..?

Simply put, Bear market refers to a specific condition wherein the prices of securities start going through a decline, eventually resulting in widespread pessimism across the market because of negative sentiments being self sustaining. Read more »


What is Bear..?

A Bear is an investor who strongly believes that a particular market or security is heading downward and tries to make a profit out of the decline in prices. They are usually pessimistic with regard to the state of a given market. Read more »

Active Share

What is a Active Share?

 Active Shares are those in which there are frequent and day to day dealings. However, some market analysts and investment pundits define active shares as those which are purchased and sold at least thrice a week.

Active Share is a reliable measure of stock holding’s percentage in the portfolio of a manager that tend to differ from the benchmark index.

That definition, needless to say, is pretty much self evident of the fact that these shares are pretty easy to purchase and sell. Shares of almost all leading companies across the world are usually active – primarily because the market standing of these companies are prone to sensitive economic and political events and therefore the value of their shares often undergoes frequent fluctuations.

Read more »

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