Learn About Stock Market Investing From The Best Websites

Nothing can match the returns that stock market offer on your investments and therefore it is quite natural for anyone to have urgency in investing there on shares. But the maturity to withstand that urge until everything is learned about […]

Understanding Stock Quotes – The Key To Be A Successful Trader

It is quite difficult to refrain from the urge to invest in stocks and reap those fabulous manifested income. But before commencing your journey through the magic world of stocks and funds it would be beneficial to know about stock […]

Winning at Stock Trading

The world of trading and investment can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding! You need to be prepared…


Online Stock Trading is a recent way of buying and selling stocks. Now you can buy and sell any stock over the Internet for a low price and you don’t need to call up a broker. You can buy any […]

Demat Account

Demat Account Definition Demat refers to a dematerialised account. Though the company is under obligation to offer the securities in both physical and demat mode, you have the choice to receive the securities in either mode.




The Term Net Asset Value (NAV) is used by investment companies to measure net assets. It is calculated by subtracting liabilities from the value of a fund’s securities and other items of value and dividing this by the number of outstanding shares. Net asset value is popularly used in newspaper mutual fund tables to designate the price per share for the fund. Read more »

IPO – Initial Public Offering

IPO – Initial Public Offering

Public issues can be classified into Initial Public offerings and further public offerings. In a public offering, the issuer makes an offer for new Read more »

Understanding IPO Grading

Understanding IPO Grading

IPO grading is a unique concept involving an independent agency that is free from bias and with the available tools for assessing the Read more »


Investing!! What’s that?

Judging by the fact that you’ve taken the trouble to navigate to this page my guess is that you don’t need much convincing about the Read more »

Saving Vs. Investing

Traditionally, saving has been viewed as quite different from investing. In most savings alternatives, the initial amount of capital or cash remains constant, earning guaranteed rates of interest. Read more »


any people confuse trading with investing. They are not the same.

The biggest difference between them is the length of time you hold onto the assets. An investor is more interested in the long-term appreciation Read more »


In order to understand what stocks are and how stock markets work, we need to dive into history–specifically, the history of what has come to be known as the corporation, or sometimes the limited liability company (LLC). Corporations in one form or another have been around ever since one Read more »


These days, you can’t retire without using the returns from investments. You can’t count on your social security checks to cover your expenses when you retire. It’s barely enough for people who are receiving it now to have food, shelter and utilities. That doesn’t account for any care you may need or in the even that you need to take advantage of such funds much earlier in life. It is important to have your own financial plan. There are many kinds of investments you can make that will make your life much easier down the road. Read more »

Steps to Defreeze your DEMAT Account

Steps to Defreeze your DEMAT Account

Demat accounts of investors who failed to furnish their PAN card details were frozen at midnight on Dec 31. Depositories National Read more »


These days, you can’t retire without using the returns from investments. You can’t count on your social security checks to cover your expenses when you retire. It’s Read more »

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