Understanding Stock Quotes – The Key To Be A Successful Trader

It is quite difficult to refrain from the urge to invest in stocks and reap those fabulous manifested income. But before commencing your journey through the magic world of stocks and funds it would be beneficial to know about stock quotes and the way they work. Perfect knowledge of stock quotes will come handy in anticipating the direction in which your tracked stock will move in the future.

Microsoft Corporation 


33.28  +0.51 +1.56%                                                                   


Previous Close




Day’s High


Day’s Low



55.35 Mil

Avg Daily Vol (13 Wks)

53.45 Mil



Bid Size




Ask Size


52-Wk High


52-Wk Low


Dividend Rate




Last trade 9/27/2013 4:00 PM ET


A typical stock quote like this table is not a gimmick of numbers but something that unfolds an ocean of information regarding a particular stock. It has many fields starting from the name of the company and the code of the stock used in the stock market. (Here the company is Microsoft Corporation and the code of the stock is MSFT). This is followed by the market price of the stock and its movement for the day either up or down and the percentage change. If there is a rise in price it will be shown in green and fall in price will be shown in red.

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Full details of the stock are given thereafter which starts from the rate of the stock on close of transaction on the last trading day.

Open means the rate at which the stock was initially opened on a given day and day’s high and low indicate the highest and lowest value that stock could achieve on that particular day.

Volume and average daily volume give the number of shares being traded on a particular day and on an average per day.

Next information is bid which shows the rate that buyers are ready to pay for buying that stock. Bid size indicates the number of stocks that are sought by the buyers.

On the other hand, Ask is the rate at which sellers would sell the stock and Ask size denotes the number of stocks that are kept for sale.

Stock quote also shows the highest and lowest price of the stock in the past 52 weeks. Dividend is the number of shares given as dividend per share. Here it is 1.2 which indicates for every share a dividend of 1.2 shares is given by the company. Yield rate shows the relative return per share as per the current price.

The time and date of last trading of the stock is given at the end of the stock quote.

Every second is very precious in the stock trading as it takes only a few seconds for a stock to fall or rise. Getting real time stock quote is very crucial in this context and media provide information on stock prices that are delayed. Online web sites are the best bet to obtain real time stock quotes. But one needs to be careful as many web sites do not provide real time quotes but only delayed ones. Many other sites offer free delayed quotes and charge for real time quotes.

However, there are reliable sites like Marketwatch.com and nasdaq.com where you get real time and not delayed quotes.


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